For Real This Time

It’s been over six months since I said I was going to start writing more. Given the dumpster fire that was 2016, it has never been more critical to keep myself accountable for all of the changes that I’d like to make, so here it goes.

In 2017 I will:

Write more

See, I’m already making progress. Go me! I have some ideas for this blog about future topics, starting with academic self-care. Stay tuned.

Say no more often…

I don’t need to be on every committee, task force, and advisory board. I mean, I have always known this, but I am, at present, on about 10 of them. Time to set more stringent limits.

… And use things I turn down as a chance to give opportunities to others

I’d feel better saying no to a thing if I knew it would benefit someone else to do that thing. Mentoring and making sure that I pull up people behind me as I advance in my career is important. The task here is to identify those folks in the moment

Figure out a better way to integrate the diversity/social justice parts of my career with the neuroscience parts

This will be the most difficult but I’m committed to working hard on this. I do this in a very individual and personal way so far, particularly in the realm of teaching, mentoring, and recruiting. But the goal here is to make it more institutional. How do I make sure that diversity becomes and remains a core value of the program whether or not I’m the one doing the work? I have some thoughts, and I’ll work through some of them here in the coming months.


Photo: CreateHER Stock